A permanent open art program - ArtSpace of the Kyiv Planetarium - was created and operates in the Kyiv Planetarium.

It is a combination of artistic events with the unique technological capabilities of the planetarium, which allows you to create shows that have no analogues.

ArtSpace is an innovative and universal project for the modern needs of show business.

The powerful professional sound of a live performance combined with electronic samples and beats will reveal new sides of both classic and modern melodies.

The show will "hold" until the final chords thanks to the modern interpretation and the use of expressive artistic and technical possibilities.

Any talented person can become a participant of the Art platform by taking part in the existing directions, or start a new direction of the Art platform.

The Kyiv Planetarium acts as the organizer of the show, providing full support to talented people.

The universe is constantly expanding, the Kyiv Planetarium is constantly updated - for you!